Rebrand : Happe Hippos

Aug 25, 2014


"Rebrand: A Love Story"

The saying "A painter's house is never painted" doesn't just apply to painters. The day has finally come, praise Jesus! Business has finally calmed down enough to pull out the paint brushes and get to work. This has come from several months of planning.  We've been so busy expanding our team and managing client projects that a rebrand has been out of the question. The house started to look like neighbor who invests more in lawn art than a nice looking home or the one that has a couch on the porch and stares at passersby...creepily.  It took quite a while to get here.

We started with the name. HˈaPē Hippos worked for a short time and it was definitely a conversation piece that created conversation. The name however was a nightmare for our business development gurus. A rebrand was needed as we pride ourselves on simplicity. Don Draper said it best, "Make it simple but significant." In order to do that, we made all the character in our name lowercase. This has been awesome as our "go-getter" can now tell prospects that it's happy with an -e.

The next step in our rebrand was the logo. There was not a momentous, revolutionary change. We added a slight grin to make our hippo actually happy...mind blown!

Our rebrand was made possible by Jessica and Pete who are branding wizards at two agencies we regularly partner with on projects. We cannot sincerely thank y'all enough. This is just an evolution of our brand. If we are lucky, then there will hopefully be several more in the future as we continue to grow. It took quite a while to get here, but we finally made it happen. We started from the bottom now we here...

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